Our Nursery

Policies & Procedures

Once registered, all of our parents and carers receive a copy of our Policies and Procedure booklet. The booklet is an extensive guide to all of our policies and procedures, and outlines our commitment to you and your child, and covers the matters of; joining us, finances, learning & development, nutrition, illness and medication, and keeping your child safe.

Safety and Security

At Regal Brook Nursery, we are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all children, parents, visitors and staff. We risk assess and monitor the setting continuously on a daily basis.

All of our electrical equipment and services, gas supplies, water systems, fire extinguishers and equipment are checked annually by independent experts and fire drills are carried out regularly. All policies and procedures are reviewed each year or sooner if need be. Phones and personal cameras are not allowed in the nursery rooms.

It is the responsibility of not just us but any adult coming on to the premises to report any hazard they may witness as soon as possible in order that it can be rectified.

In the unlikely event when a parent or carer has authorised someone else to pick up their child (e.g. a trusted neighbour during a family crisis), we operate a password system. This password (defined by on a per child basis by the parent on the day it is required).

The Setting

We provide quality childcare for all children. The setting is well planned and equipped with resources to enable your child take his or her learning forward.  Every child is valued and opportunities are provided for all children to succeed in a loving, stimulating and secure environment.