Parents As Partners

Working In Partnership

We recognise that you know your child better than anyone else. Parents and carers are consulted on all issues that affect the welfare, well-being, learning and development of their child.

We build a close correlation and work together with parents and carers in other to promote a strong home and setting relationship. In effect children that come to us acquire a sense of mastery as well as develop the willingness to get involve and ‘having a go’.


As part of enrolling your child, we will go through the Child’s needs form with you to reach specific requirements for your child so to draw up an agreed care plan.

We will discuss any special educational needs, along with dietary, allergy and health issues, so that we can understand and respond to your wishes in order to maintain a home nursery care for your child.

Settling In

Some children need very little ‘settling in’ where one session is sufficient, however, more often most children will have free ‘settling in’ sessions. This will be agreed with the parent or carer.

We will endeavour to work with the parent to enable their child have a happy and fulfilling time away from them. Where possible the first session will begin a week prior to start date.

This session will be no longer than 1 hour. At this session only parents are required to stay either on the premises or go for a short walk locally.

The second session will be for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. The final session will cover a mealtime and last for approximately 2 hours. These are general guidelines as every child is different.

Each situation will, where possible, be adjusted to meet the child’s needs and that of the setting.